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The psychology behind colour

Ahhh the meaning of colour – this is a complex animal with different colours meaning different things to different people. Each colour has both positive and negative meanings attached to them. Because of this it’s impossible to determine how a single colour will be perceived. You need context and, more importantly, other colours to create a theme with the power to invoke an emotional response from the viewer. Look, Read More

How to get targeted Twitter followers

Rather than just waiting for followers on Twitter, there are ways you can be pro-active in gaining a following over time. There are methods involving “buying followers”. We advise against this as this type of follower will never result in buying a purchase of your products or services – or gaining new followers as they won’t retweet or like your material. So where to begin… There is a “50% Read More

Who do I design for first?

When designing a website, you may get a variety of answers to the question “Who or what do I design for first?”. Some will tell you to build it around SEO or maybe the needs of your business (functionality or your aims). Whilst these two definitely play a part, the main reason for your website is to give your existing and potential customers what they want and cater for their needs. Product or service information, industry Read More