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Google AdWords - Put Us To The Test

Over the last 21 years we’ve been very proud to offer to many great forms of marketing and in our opinion there is no better more quantifiable form of marketing than our Google AdWords management service. But when we’ve spoken to businesses from all types of industries their feedback of when they invested in Google AdWords elsewhere previously, they found it to be a mixed bag. Some business owners have shared our opinion and said Read More

Happy New Year & Thank You

It was a fantastic and eventful year for us here at Sitewizard. We’ve tried to keep our clients as up to date as possible when we can, and we wanted to share just some of the great areas we’ve developed in below.  Google AMP Sitewizard was one of the first web design companies to not only introduce Google AMP to all its brochure websites, but we did this for free and upgraded all previous clients too. Read More

The psychology behind colour

Ahhh the meaning of colour – this is a complex animal with different colours meaning different things to different people. Each colour has both positive and negative meanings attached to them. Because of this it’s impossible to determine how a single colour will be perceived. You need context and, more importantly, other colours to create a theme with the power to invoke an emotional response from the viewer. Look, Read More