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Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP is an open standard project by Google, supported by the companies Twitter, Pinterest,, Chartbeat,, Adobe Analytics and LinkedIn.

Web pages that are powered by AMP are streamlined alternatives to your main website, which are able to load instantly to mobile users.

Benefits of AMP

  •   Presentation code is CDN hosted by Google - Fast delivery.
  •   Preloaded page and above-the-fold images downloaded before the page is even visited - Gives the appearance of instant loading.
  •   Increased ranking by lightning-fast page speed.
  •   No user drop-off due to slow page load. Pages load up to 85% faster.
  •   Foot in the door - A user that loads an AMP page will be on the AMP version of the site. However, the menu on each page uses links for the full website which means clicking on any link will give the user the full site.
  •   Included in search results where only AMP content will be shown - Like carousels. This is generally at the very top of Google results.
  •   AMP results use the lightning bolt icon, which people associate with speed. Facebook use this same icon to signify that content will be an "Instant Article". In time, we expect users to seek out this symbol when browsing search engine results because of the known speed of what the link would contain.
  •   Google Search Console sending AMP notifications to encourage adoption. Webmasters are being encouraged to adopt AMP. This means that websites not adopting the system will lose out on search engine placement to those that are.
  •   AMP pages are coded to make search engines aware of that page's main page. This means that AMP can help boost the main site even when it is not directly being used. For example, Google will know that "index.amp.html" is the AMP version of "index.html". When it is not appropriate to use the AMP version, the full version will automatically be displayed instead.
  •   When AMP becomes its own independent ranking signal, the website's AMP presence, structure and content will already be known and will be early to take advantage.
  •   Some of the companies that are supporting AMP Project are Twitter, Pinterest,, Chartbeat,, Adobe Analytics and LinkedIn. Having direct involvement in the development of AMP, we expect these companies (and many more) to make use of AMP sites in creative ways.

We don't believe in charging more for mobile friendly functionality so all our Web Design packages include AMP webpage generation as standard.

Keeping up with browsing habits

Up until recently there was no simple way of ensuring a fast page view time to mobile users with fluctuating signal strength. AMP provides a solution to this problem by providing a system that gives the appearence of instantly loading, whilst providing an overall time saving of up to 84% per page.

In a nutshell

AMP is a new way of delivering your website content as fast as possible, taking advantage of new search engine

By detecting the screen size of the device that is accessing the site, we can deliver the best possible user experience.

"87% of users have looked for local info on their smartphone, with 76% of them taking direct action as a result." Ipsos Research Specialists

Take a look at our Responsive Web Design example site.

Vist Example Website

If you don’t own a mobile device, try our handy previewer that will give you an idea of how it adapts.

Find out more about AMP And Responsive Web Design

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