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Google Ads Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign

Benefits of our PPC service

  • Measurable ROI
  • It’s instant. When campaigns go live you can see your ads as quickly as 24hrs.
  • You can have full control of how much you want to spend.
  • Perfect accompaniment to support SEO activities
  • Highly focused – you can target by location, device and time of the day.
  • Very flexible – we will optimise campaigns that work, switch off those that don’t.
  • Bigger coverage of keyphrases.
  • No silly contracts.

Put Us To The Test

  • If you’re investing in Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) already, let us do a free audit of your existing PPC campaign and let us show you how we would make it better. Just fill your details in the form and let’s get started!
  • If you’ve invested in Google Ads before let us have a look and see where it went wrong. 9 out of 10 times when we have a look we see they haven’t been successful because they were ill managed.
  • If you’ve never invested in Google Ads before let us run a free report as to why you should be.
  • Imagine a form of advertising where you only pay when people click on your advert that have shown a genuine interest in what you do? That is exactly what you get with Google AdWords and at Sitewizard we know how to make your campaign successful. 

Here at SiteWizard we’ve been proud to offer so many great digital marketing services over the years and in our opinion there is no better, more quantifiable forms of marketing than our PPC management service. We have Certified Individuals in our team and we have a proven track record for delivering success for our clients. We won’t bore you with science – we talk plainly and will help you every step of the way.

Get in contact with us today and we look forward to showing you why we are the Pay Per Click management agency for you.