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Facebook Ads

Advertising your business through Paid Ads on social media platforms is still relatively new for most businesses. But did you know it is one of the most targeted and effective forms of online advertising out there at the moment?

Here at Sitewizard we have the know-how to get your business in front of potential customers’ social networks like Facebook and Instagram. It is truly exciting (and perhaps a little scary!) of how focused we can make a marketing campaign using Facebook Ads and our team would love to show you how. Also, another thing that we know you will just love - the price! Due to how new this form of marketing is, the cost per clicks are much lower than other competitive advertising platforms such as Google Ads.

1Your Account Manager will help guide you as to what platforms will be right for you in terms of achieving your business goals.

2Your Project Co-Ordinator will work with you and our design team to create attractive ads that our Paid Ads team will ensure get in front of the right people.

3Our Paid Ads team will then find and build new audiences based on your target demographic. We can even target existing visitors to your website essentially remarketing yourselves to them in a more targeted way.

4On a monthly basis our team will continually try to make the campaign more and more successful. This will include bid adjustment and optimisation, ad creation and split testing.