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Responsive Web Design

Since the introduction of the first smartphones in 2007, people have increasingly moved away from traditional browsing habits.

At the end of 2013 mobile internet users had overtaken those using more traditional methods such as a desktop computer or laptop. With a multitude of devices and better connection speeds, we can now access the internet from anywhere, instantly.

Benefits of Responsive Design

  •   A responsive website delivers an optimal experience for the device it’s being viewed on, without the need for a separate mobile version.
  •   Responsive websites load faster on mobile devices than standard websites.
  •   It delivers a much better user experience for your clients as it removes the need to zoom in on smaller screens to read text and navigate around the site.
  •   They’re much easier to maintain than a separate mobile version of your website.
  •   Has the potential to reduce bounce rates and improve your position in Google and other search engines.

We don't believe in charging more for responsive functionality so all our packages include responsive web design as standard.

As well as a creating you a beautiful, hand-coded website that delivers an excellent user experience on all devices, you will also receive the following additional features:

Lazy loading

When our responsive sites are accessed only images visible on screen are initially loaded. Anything off screen will only load once the user scrolls to them on the page.

Adaptive images

To make sites load even faster we’ve added a script that creates optimised images (file size and dimensions) when a device type is detected.

Intelligent menu

To overcome space constraints on smaller devices, the main menu is hidden and replaced with an icon (known affectionately as a burger, due to its appearance). When clicked the menu will display an optimised format.

Fast click

Most smartphones and tablets have a small delay when performing a touch request, which can make websites feel a little slow. The fast click feature removes the delay for a quicker response.

Gesture support

For added interactivity for your users, we’ve added swipe gestures to our animated banners.

Keeping up with browsing habits

Up until recently there was no simple way of delivering a tailored experience for these new devices without developing a completely separate mobile version of the same website... that was until Responsive Web Design.

"67% of people surveyed are more likely to buy a product or use a service from a mobile-friendly website."Masha Fisch, Google

In a nutshell

Responsive Web Design is a new way of creating a single website that adapts its layout to best suit the screen size it's being viewed on.

By detecting the screen size of the device that is accessing the site, we can deliver the best possible user experience.

"87% of users have looked for local info on their smartphone, with 76% of them taking direct action as a result."Ipsos Research Specialists

Take a look at our Responsive Web Design example site.

Vist Example Website

If you don’t own a mobile device, try our handy previewer that will give you an idea of how it adapts.

Find out more about Responsive Web Design

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