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Features & benefits of OCTBOX's upgrade to the Magento platform

  •  30% sales increase every year
  •  English, German and Dutch languages
  •  Fully mobile and tablet optimised
  •  Online Purchasing in £ Sterling and € Euros


"I was worried when we moved to Magento that it would be too complicated to use. I can honestly say the Magento system is really simple and laid out in a very logical manner.

Creating a product, a customer and printing out customer orders took me about 5 minutes to learn. System reliability is something I have also been very happy with and when there has been a problem it has been solved very quickly."

Rick Tyler - OCTBOX

Company Background

The OCTBOX Brand was created by Rick Tyler with the aim of providing innovative, quality Seat Box products.

OCTBOX products are mainly aimed at match anglers. The most popular products are the seats and transportation systems which are needed to help them fish more effectively.

OCTBOX customers are mainly European. By offering a bi-lingual site with multiple currencies this helps make the purchasing process simple and effective.

Why Magento?

By using the Magento platform Rick has had the flexibility to enhance his sites functionality and sales - Magento is renowned for being feature rich and a powerful sales tool. There are also thousands of extensions to choose from to enable the site to work hard for him, so he can focus on running his business.

Top Extensions added for OCTBOX

Xero - Rick's most useful Magento extension

Xero links their bank accounts and transactions generated in their data base together in one screen. Xero can tell Rick how much money has been taken by Visa that is still due into his account. It can take up to five days for clearing banks managing payment gateways for card transactions to move the money into his bank. Prior to Xero doing a financial audit to establish what payments were still due in at the end of the month was a very time consuming for him.

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