Why SEO is a good marketing option for your business?

SEO is about being visible to those who are searching for services and products that you provide.

The higher up on the list of results you appear, the more exposure you will receive which leads to more traffic being directed to your website and ultimately more conversions.

High rankings can put you ahead of your competitors and bring significant financial rewards.


How do you get started?

Choosing a reputable agency is your first step to success.

The demand for good SEO means that there are many agencies available to help businesses with their campaigns. Try to avoid companies claiming to get instant page one results for a small one-off fee as this is unrealistic and unsustainable.

Good SEO requires time, continued resources, and the expertise of experienced professionals who will remain working on your campaign long-term, monitoring and adapting components as needed to ensure you not only get the results you need but that you keep them.

If you’re looking for a reliable and trusted Kent SEO agency, get in touch with us today.

Think of it this way…

You want to be healthier and improve your fitness. You could start by trying several fad diets and programmes that offer quick results with little effort. Sure, you might see results at first, but everyone knows that these methods are generally not healthy, not easily maintained, and you often end up back where you started.

Alternatively, you could begin by working with a qualified Personal Trainer. This PT will provide you with a solid plan on how to achieve your goals over a longer period, helping you build up good habits and work towards improving your fitness over time. They will ensure good results are earned properly and therefore they will not diminish quickly.

The same principles apply to SEO. Great rankings are earned over time with proper practices.

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Think of it this way…

Why should you choose SiteWizard?

  • SiteWizard was founded in 1996 and has built a reputation for reliable Web and Marketing Services across the UK.
  • We have a proven track record for great results across a multitude of different industries.
  • Unlike many agencies, we do not charge our clients extortionate fees by the minute or the hour. Our service is value for money, delivering fantastic results to suit your budget.
  • We do not believe in contracts! Our service speaks for itself and our clients stay with us because we deliver what we promise.
  • You will receive a dedicated and experienced Account Manager who will guide you through the entire process.
  • We provide full transparency with complete access to a dashboard that offers real-time results, allowing you to closely monitor your campaign as well as a wide range of additional keywords.

What will we do for you?

  • We will carry out Keyword Research, outlining phrases you are currently being found for, those you are not, and keywords that have the potential to bring you more business.
  • From the Keyword Research, your Account Manager will work with you to create a tailored plan that suits your goals.
  • Once you have your campaign goals in place our Marketing Team will carry out a full Website Audit, optimising your site and creating a solid foundation for your SEO campaign.
  • We will then manage your ongoing Link Building, creating backlinks to build your website’s authority, helping to build and maintain good ranking positions.
  • We will continue to monitor, amend, and improve your campaign to ensure you are always kept up to date with the latest algorithm updates and developments.
  • We will remain accessible throughout your entire time with us. You will have access to your Account Manager, a professional Co-Ordinator, and an excellent Support Team whenever you need them.

You’ll understand why we’re a leading Kent SEO agency and why businesses choose us to work for them.