Ecodeck are an environmentally-aware manufacturing company, producing ground support & stabilisation grids specifically for the landscape and construction sector. They had always been aware of the importance of the online market, so when we offered them a free report, they already knew the value of that information. After producing a detailed report on areas their marketing (SEO and Google Ads) could be improved, we provided a plan of action on how we could boost the traffic and conversions – maximising their marketing budget for greater returns.

In February 2019, we began working with Ecodeck on an SEO campaign and a new Google Ads campaign. This approach utilises Google Ads to bring in relevant traffic – quickly, whilst we were behind the scenes on creating stronger and higher natural rankings using SEO.

It is important to note that Ecodeck didn’t start on the level of marketing they currently have. It is essential to plan for stable and manageable growth and these campaigns have been developed over time – this is one of the parts that the team at SiteWizard excels in. The planning stage is the foundation of ensuring the best return on your money. This is shown in the noticeable increases at certain points in their statistics below, where we upgraded and improved their campaign – with incredible results.