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eCommerce Design eCommerce packages deliver fantastic looking sites with incredible features.

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From business start-ups to established brands, all our ecommerce packages deliver fantastic looking websites. All designs comply with the modern-day expectations including mobile/responsive design along with incredible features that will maximise your conversions.

Sources estimate that around 27% of retail sales now take place online with early predictions of around 11% growth in 2016 with ecommerce sales set to rise to £126bn.

When we consider that almost £1 in every £4 is now spent online, and that a large proportion of the other £3 is influenced by some form of digital interaction, it becomes very clear that retailers need to continue to embrace the opportunity that ecommerce websites offer.

SiteWizard eCommerce

After many years of experience creating online shops, we have found that many companies did not find what they were looking for from ‘out of the box’ platforms.

Frequently being asked to develop specific functionality has resulted in a diverse and highly practical system without the associated costs.

If you are looking for a standalone online shop that can take your business to the next step or looking for a lower cost internet presence, then the SiteWizard eCommerce is the way to go.

Prices start at £1495

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We’re here to help your online shop succeed and we believe that the Magento eCommerce platform has everything you need for it to reach its full potential.
Magento is one of the most powerful and robust open source ecommerce solutions on the market and is an ideal multi-channel platform. The ability to add on functionality with much lower development costs means it is a solution that will grow with you.

At SiteWizard we combine Magento's feature rich ecommerce solution with our knowledge of design and user experience to produce successful online stores.

Prices start at £2995

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Responsive Web Design

Sales via smartphones and tablet devices recorded a 55% growth last year. This incredible growth means that 37% of online sales are made on a mobile device! With numbers this high it’s evident that new technologies and techniques need to be employed to keep up with this ever upward trend.

Responsive Web Design gives us the ability to create a single site and change its appearance depending on how it’s being accessed. By detecting the device type we can adjust a site to give the user the best possible viewing experience.

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