Over the last 21 years we’ve been very proud to offer to many great forms of marketing and in our opinion there is no better more quantifiable form of marketing than our Google AdWords management service. But when we’ve spoken to businesses from all types of industries their feedback of when they invested in Google AdWords elsewhere previously, they found it to be a mixed bag. Some business owners have shared our opinion and said it has been responsible for their growth as a business but others have said its too expensive and they ended up spending lots of money and received very little in return. So with this in mind, 5 months ago we launched our ‘Put Us To The Test’ campaign.

Put Us To The Test Campaign

We decided to launch a campaign that would demonstrate to potential customers whether they should leave their existing provider or not. We also wanted to demonstrate to some companies who were using Google AdWords Express why it was time to upgrade.

1. Customers who we could help

It was quite scary at how many campaigns we audited that we could improve upon. There were just so many basic things that hadn’t been implemented. It’s always important to check with a company you are looking to work with, do they employ members of staff who have passed the Google AdWords exams? Fortunately for us here at Sitewizard our very own Matthew Last and Georgia Lillis have. Our team are able to identify what is wrong with your campaign and what can be done to improve it, this is before you have even gone ahead! We also do believe that one things that separates us from our competition is the amount of research that is done at the point of setting up the campaign. From some of the companies we have spoken to, the company they employed to run their Google AdWords campaign didn’t even take the time to understand the objectives of the campaign. This was mind-blowing. On one campaign we took over who were spending the exact same budget with us as they were their previous supplier, we increased their clicks by 84% and saw an increase of just over 30% in conversions.

2. Customers we couldn’t help

There were some campaigns we genuinely couldn’t improve upon. We always believe in an honest approach to business and there are other good providers out there. There were a few campaigns where existing providers had done an excellent job. Sometimes it’s also not down to their ability as providers. Some campaigns success is limited not by these providers ability and it’s simply down to the budget they’ve had to use. It’s always important to clear about your objective and give it time for your suppliers to achieve the great results they and we will.

3. Google AdWords Express

Google Adwords Express is how most companies start their Google AdWords journey. It’s easy to set up and for many people it’s the perfect way to dip their toe in the water to find out what AdWords is like. It’s downfall is that it really lacks features compared to the main Google AdWords programme. If you start to use Google AdWords Express programme and you start to see it work, upgrade as soon as you can. What surprises me is the amount of companies I’ve seen some companies spend through Google AdWords Express. I’ve seen companies spend hundreds per month and if you’re doing this, speak to us about upgrading as I’d be very surprised if we can’t show you a significant improvement.

If you’re investing in Google AdWords or your looking at doing so, get in contact with one of our Account Managers today. You have nothing to lose, but potentially lots to gain.

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