It was a fantastic and eventful year for us here at Sitewizard. We’ve tried to keep our clients as up to date as possible when we can, and we wanted to share just some of the great areas we’ve developed in below.

Google AMP

Sitewizard was one of the first web design companies to not only introduce Google AMP to all its brochure websites, but we did this for free and upgraded all previous clients too. Most agencies have charged for this, but it was our way of giving something back. If you haven’t had your site upgraded yet, please let us know and we will get this booked in. You can find out more about Google AMP on our website on the link below.

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Google Certified Individuals

Having been working on developing our Google AdWords Management Service in the background for a while, we were able to officially launch this service last year and so far, the response has been great. We have two members of staff now qualified and we’ve been able to significantly improve companies Google AdWords campaign performance. We’ve also invested in using software by one of Google’s Premier Technology Partner’s to help make our clients campaigns even more effective and report in ways in which we can do so. We will even do a Google AdWords audit for free even before you have gone ahead with us. You can apply to get an audit done for free on the link below.

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We’ve got some great discounts and free reports that we would like to offer you as a thank you so if you are looking to improve your online presence this year, give one of our Account Managers a call on 01622 200 045 and we will take you through how we can help.