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Finding your niche

Our SEO (search engine optimisation) team will find you achievable niche phrases that are specific to your business and are getting lots of searches. We have tools that allow us to see how many people search for a specific phrase each month.

We also have an in-house database that's taken us years to build that allows us to back-analyse your site (or your competitors sites) to see how well optimised they are (see below for more details).

By optimising your website configuration (changes to your site are called onpage optimisation) and providing an ongoing and comprehensive package of blog, forum, video, social media and web links (called offpage optimisation) we will raise the profile of your website in Google every month.

Onpage Optimisation

Onpage optimisation counts for about 25%-30% of the SEO process and can be achieved quite quickly at the start of your SEO campaign. We will need to tweak the text and a few other things on some of your web pages, but obviously our SEO copywriters will run all text changes past you for approval before they go live.

Offpage Optimisation

Offpage optimisation counts for about 70-75% of the SEO process and is the basis for 99% of the ongoing SEO work on your site on a monthly basis. Popular sites are always getting linked to by other people. If someone likes a site and writes about them on their blog or forum (or Facebook page, Twitter page, YouTube account etc.) they will probably provide a link to that website. Google "sees" these links and counts them as "votes" for that website. The more links that point to a site the better, but beware! Google isn't silly! Google knows what a "normal" or "organic" growth profile is for any site in any industry and when a site tries to do something outside of this "normal" Google can penalise it. Finding this perfect rate of adding links is called finding the "optimal" rate of adding links, and we've got a profile for most industries. Our SEO team then do the laborious work of creating dozens or even hundreds of links per week, ensuring a nice even creation spread out over the month to ensure Google sees your website as being promoted "organically". A popular website is exactly what Google wants to show when someone searches for a term, and yours is moved closer and closer to the top as more "votes" pour in.

Climbing the Google Mountain

Our mountain climbing analogy is not a bad one, it certainly is not easy to get your website moved up the Google rankings on to page 1 and then push for the summit (position 1). Over the last few years we have had a team of people dedicated to researching exactly how Google determines the results it shows.

Our mini-Google

We've got our own website spider just like Google (a spider is a little robotic computer program that spends all day looking around the web and storing websites in a database called an index). Our index isn't as impressive as Google's but it contains millions of website pages (compared to Googles billions of website pages) and it enables us to compare information that is not publicly available. Whilst we can't see the whole internet, it gives us a pretty good indication of what Google can see and enables us to make decisions based on information that other SEO companies just don't have.

Once at the top... Don't Stop!

Once we get you to page 1 or even position 1 - don't stop that campaign and rest on your laurels. All the time you are getting links added at the optimal rate it will keep others from knocking you off your much fought for position... and if you aren't in position 1 yet... keep plodding away, because you'll get there eventually (as long as the people above you are not getting links at an optimal rate - in which case you can never overtake them - see our Why Choose Our SEO page for more details about this).

Once at the top... Don't Stop!

We find a lot of our clients who are using one of our seo campaigns save money and gain extra traffic in comparison to their Google Adword campaign. Google Adwords is far more expensive in terms of return on investment.

Take a look at our SEO testimonials to see some of the positive comments our clients have made about gaining extra business while reducing their advertising spend.

Why does a SiteWizard SEO campaign give a better return on investment to Google Adwords?

Google adwords is directly competitive in real time - to be at the top you have to bid more money, each time someone else increases their bid, you'll have to increase your spend to keep the same level of traffic. This means people bid right up to the point their profit margin is eroded completely - sometimes beyond that!

Our SEO campaigns focus on the Google natural (or organic) listings - these are the main results on the page and they get a far higher percentage of the clicks when someone performs a Google search. Take a look at the graph - nearly 90% of the searchers click within the organic listings rather than the paid Google Adwords. This means once we get your site to page 1 of the google organic lisings you will see a lot more visitors to your site than if you are using Google Adwords - only there is no cost per click - only your monthly SEO campaign fee, which keeps pushing you higher and higher up Google and getting you a better return on your investment.

We've had many clients who have saved literally thousands of pounds per month in Adwords spend, whilst increasing their turnover by tens of thousands! See our SEO testimonials for more information.

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