The value of your business’ online presence is obvious to most. Having a website is critical and so is making sure your website is reaching potential customers, but what about social media?

Over the last few years, businesses across the UK are really seeing the benefits to keeping active on social media. It is great for brand awareness and makes sure you remain in people’s minds by appearing on their social feeds. It is a great way to drive traffic to your website to convert those people to customers.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted this need even more. Opening times, restrictions and changes to business are happening all the time as the Government update their guidance so updating your clients needs to be done quickly and to be easily accessed.

There can be a downside to social media though… It can be time consuming. You are trying to run a business, so the last you need is to have to log in to 3 different social media platforms, several times a day. Creating beautiful looking posts to brighten up your page can also be time consuming.

Take out the hassle of maintaining your social media pages by using our social media management dashboard.

What is a social media management dashboard?

It is a single login dashboard that enables you to update and coordinate a social media presence across multiple platforms. In a nutshell, you can post to a variety of platforms from 1 place!

What is even better is that our dashboard enables you to schedule posts in advance meaning that you don’t have to log in several times a day to keep your feeds up to date. You can plan your posts in and know that you have already scheduled content for the next week (or month).

Perhaps you have a sale next week? You can write a post telling your followers all about it to go out the morning the sale goes live.

Or you have a new service launching? Write a post giving a brief introduction then link to your web page about it and drive traffic to your website.

If you are not sure what you have scheduled to go out, then simply log in and view/manage all your social content in one place.

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