Two of our team in the marketing team had the idea of us all putting our skills to the test and having a bake off inspired by one of our favourite shows Channel 4’s The Great British Bake Off. We are lucky enough to have some exceptionally talented staff here at Sitewizard who when they aren’t designing a new WordPress website or optimising a marketing campaign, can be found baking scrumptious treats. So, it’s safe to say the expectations were high and boy did they all deliver!

It was so great to see everyone get involved and the delicious treats varied from Dave’s millionaire shortbread to Jade’s homemade sausage rolls (two of my highlights). We’ve not dared to count our calorie intake today, but it’s been a lot of fun and I don’t think we’ve ever coded quicker with our sugar rush today. Just like GBBO, we’ve had the showstopper from Poppy (picture on the right), inuendo after inuendo from Jo and a vote that saw Jade as our worthy winner!