We’d love you to stay, so if you’re thinking of coming back to us in the future we could add some free extras to your new account as a thank you for your customer loyalty.

To transfer your domain away from SiteWizard you will need to complete our transfer away form below. Please be warned that there is an admin fee of £10 + VAT.

If you have website and email services with ourselves and you are looking to get this cancelled, please contact your Account Manager to confirm cancellation of your account, otherwise the services, and payment for them, will continue.

For security reasons, once we receive your submission form and payment, we will email the contact on our system confirming that they are happy for the domain to be transferred. We will only be able to commence with the transfer, once we have received their consent.

Once your account has been cancelled, we have received the admin fee and our contact is happy for us to proceed with the transfer, we will prepare the domain for transfer away (Normally within 1 working day).

The preparation process is as follows:

  • For .uk domains – we will update the domains IPS tag as requested on the form. For the transfer away to complete this may require a handshake approval by your new provider
  • For non .uk domains – we will update the admin/registrant contact email address to the address provided, email the auth code to this address and also unlock the domain. For the transfer away to complete, your new provider will need to initiate a transfer request to pull the domain away from our account an email will then be sent to the new admin contact containing an approval link. This link must be clicked and approved for the transfer to complete. If any non .uk domain is within 30 days of its expiry date, it will need to be renewed before if can be transferred.

Once your domain has left our account we will remove you from our name servers within 5 working days. Please complete the form below:

    Customer Details:

    Transfer Details:

    (For .uk domains only)
    (For non .uk domains only)
    (For .uk.com domains only)