Back in February we posted a blog about the importance of a Google My Business listing.

Recently Google posted an announcement regarding a change in the way businesses display the areas they serve. Previously businesses could set a radius to let customers know how many miles from their location they would travel to supply their goods or services. For example, if you are a Plumber based in Kent, but you also serve Essex, you could set a radius that would cover both of these areas.

However, this is no longer the case. Instead Google has asked that you specify and display exactly which areas your business serves. This shift has been designed to accommodate businesses that provide a service outside of their location and improve visibility for their listing in the areas they display.

Google has been slowly rolling out this update since last year and any new listings created in this time have automatically been presented with service areas and not a radius. Now, Google has decided to roll this update out to all Google My Business users. As of September, all listings have been automatically updated to remove any miles-from-based service areas and instead Google have pre-selected areas based on the closest named locations to the business’s address.

Google My Business

So now when you log into your dashboard you should be prompted by Google to update your service areas. You will see your previously chosen radius removed and Google’s automatic updates displayed in Red or Orange. It’s really simple to either accept Google’s updates or change them to your desired locations and your listing will be automatically updated!

Nothing has changed for Shop Fronts or offices that do have a physical location to display. You are still able to do this but now have the added option of displaying areas you cover if you do business outside of your location too. For example, we here at SiteWizard have a physical office that clients can visit but we also work with clients all over the country. Therefore, we have chosen to display our service area as the whole of the UK as well as showing our office address.

Overall, this is a positive move from Google. It’s a simple and easy update that could really benefit businesses by getting your listing in front of customers in the areas you serve, and we would highly recommend logging in and updating your service areas right away!

Google My Business

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