We are incredibly proud to announce that SiteWizard have reached Google Partner status specialising in Search and Mobile Advertising. This is a fantastic achievement by all of the team.

Google Partner

After successfully managing several campaigns we officially launched our Google Adwords management service just over a year ago. Google AdWords is nothing new and to be honest we were all quite unsure as to how popular this service was going to be. With so many other companies offering a Google AdWords management service, were we simply late to the party on this one? The reality was far from it. The response has been fantastic and the results we have achieved are even better.

We’ve developed a good name for ourselves over the years with similar marketing services for starting the relationship by creating a report. These reports are free and the simple aim of them is if we can help, they will demonstrate that we can. So very early on, we decided to do the same for Google AdWords. We realised very early on that although nearly anyone can set up a Google AdWords campaign, it takes a good PPC Management company like ourselves to run it well.

One of the first campaigns where we ran an audit and ended up taking on the campaign, we took it away from a large digital marketing agency who decided to spend the same amount with us as their previous supplier. Within the first month of working on the campaign, we were able to increase the amount of clicks they were getting by over 80% and more importantly we were able to increase their conversion by a third. This is just one example of many and a reflection of the great work our team is doing.

If you are currently looking for the right PPC Management company for your website, give our team a try and put us to the test. Go on the following link, fill out your details and one of our friendly Account Managers will be in contact very soon. Find out more