We are excited to announce that SiteWizard has teamed up with Pointy from Google to offer our clients an easy way to display their in-store inventory on Google. Pointy can help local retailers to reach nearby customers who are searching online for products they want, potentially driving more shoppers in-store.

Shopping habits are changing and owning a brick and mortar shop is becoming increasingly challenging in the current climate. Customers are hesitant to visit a physical location without the guarantee of product availability and are turning to Google to plan their purchases both on and offline.


This is where Pointy can become an essential marketing tool for local retailers. Connect to Pointy and scan your products to upload them to Google. Your products then have the potential to show up on surfaces on Google such as your Business Profile, Search, Images, and Maps.

Pointy is easy to install. If you have a compatible point of sale (POS) system, you can install the free app or you can purchase a Pointy box to connect between your barcode scanner and POS.

In an increasingly difficult retail market, Pointy can help you meet the demands of modern shoppers, showing them that the product they want is available nearby, and driving more footfall to local retailers.

With a large client base of local and national companies relying on SiteWizard to guide them through the latest and greatest in all things marketing, it’s important for our agency to always have our finger on the pulse of interesting new ventures. Which is why we are excited to team up with Pointy and talk about what their exciting new platform has to offer!

To learn more about Pointy from Google and how they are working with us at SiteWizard to help their clients visit: Pointy

Pointy from Google