Stand Out on GoogleWhat is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool that allows businesses to create business listings and manage their information across Google Search and Maps. It gives companies the opportunity to provide correct information to potential and existing customers on things such as Opening Times, Latest Promotions, Store Locations and more. You can manage your listing from a mobile phone, tablet or computer and it’s completely free, making it an easy and beneficial tool for communicating with your clients online.

Google wants their users to have a positive experience when interacting with the Search Engine, gaining the information they need quickly and efficiently which then encourages them to return to Google the next time they are searching for answers. Therefore, they often introduce new tools and features to improve the Searcher’s experience when using the platform. Google My Business being one of them.

What are the benefits of creating a GMB profile?

  • It provides all the information about your business without customers having to leave the search engine.
  • Searchers on a mobile device have the ability to call you by simply pressing the ‘Call’ button, making contacting you quicker and easier.
  • It also provides directions to your business’ physical location using Google Maps.
  • People looking at this listing can see your company Opening Times, Recent Posts, Google Reviews and can also direct clients to your website.
  • You can also add images of your Work, Team, Products and Services to give customers a better insight into what your business has to offer.
  • Reviews can make or break a business and with a Google My Business listing you can appeal to potential customers by having those who have enjoyed your products or service leave a great review for all those searching to see.
  • There is also an option to create a Google-built website using the platform. Whilst we would always advise having a professional website created to really show off your business, this can be a solution for those without the means to do so.

How does it work with Search Engine Optimisation?

As Digital Marketers, we are always keeping our fingers on the pulse of the latest changes and updates in SEO ranking factors and Google My Business is one to consider when looking at your ranking position in 2019.

Having a Google My Business Page with reviews from clients, up to date information and regular posts will alert Google to the fact that you are a real business, interacting with your customers and providing great information and content. This can help them recognise you as someone their searchers may want to interact with, pushing you further up the chain.

Updating your posts, uploading new images and responding to reviews could also help push you further up the Maps listings, which can also help generate calls and leads from those searching for local businesses in their area.

To summarise, Google My Business is a free tool that can help heighten your visibility in Search Engines, legitimise your business online and help you to stand out among your competitors. It helps to curry favour with Google and as a result, can help your SEO efforts. It seems to us and to many other businesses that using Google My Business is a no-brainer and therefore we would strongly encourage you or your agency to create a listing and begin interacting with new and existing clients online today.

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