Google Analytics is a free tool by Google that shows data on the traffic going through your website, using only a short piece of code that is added behind the scenes of your website. From how many people visit your website, to where they came from – this information can be essential in a variety of ways.

Google Analytics has been around for years and used by many millions around the globe, but many still aren’t utilising its full capability. So why do we think it is so important?

  • If you are running any form of marketing, it is likely that you are directing people to your website to either buy your product or getting in touch about your services. Having the statistics about what marketing is driving traffic to your site will show what is working – and what isn’t. Google shows you what is coming from organic searches, paid ads, social media, and other sites. You can see in black and white what is driving the most interest.
  • All businesses want to know if their website is doing its job. Your website is there to showcase your company but also to ultimately give you sales, enquiries, and conversions. Google provides data that shows how people are using your website. This includes bounce rates (the number of people leaving the website straight from the landing page), the average number of pages per visit and the average time spent on the site.
  • Knowing your target market is invaluable. The demographics of your visitors can help in how you design your website and adverts – and where you advertise.

In summary, Google Analytics is a great to way to work out what is holding your online presence back. When you need more from your website, it tends to fall into 2 categories.

  1. Your website is not getting enough traffic. Low traffic means your website doesn’t have the chance to convert visitors to customers. Over the years, we had so many people coming to us thinking that their website needs to be redesigned as they aren’t getting leads, then we find that they aren’t getting many visitors. Then, with an SEO or Google Ads campaign, the website converts brilliantly.
  2. The design isn’t converting the traffic. As like the above, many people come to us with marketing campaigns that they think isn’t working. Sometimes, it is a poorly executed campaign, but it has also been the website that is the issue. If your website is getting lots of traffic but no leads, it could be the enquiry forms are hidden away or there aren’t many calls to action. Perhaps there is a particular problem with the mobile view – analytics gives the data to help pinpoint the problem.

Perhaps you have Google Analytics installed but you want us to look at the statistics? Contact us today and one of our experienced Consultants can tell you what your data is saying. It is so simple to add us as a read only user to your account, meaning we have access to your data whilst keeping your account secure.