Before answering ‘Why WooCommerce’, it may be easier to first answer, ‘What is WooCommerce’?

WooCommerce is essentially a plugin for WordPress that adds on eCommerce (buying online) functionality to a website. This can also include stock management, taking payments and calculating shipping costs – all whilst gathering customer order data behind the scenes.

So, we all already know that everyone that sells something, needs to have an online presence – but which platform do you use? There are so many amazing platforms out there, but we are huge fans of WooCommerce and here are just some of the reasons why:

  • It really is made for everyone to use. It is one of the most straight forward systems to use for daily tasks like order and stock management.
  • With so many people using WordPress/WooCommerce, one of the best features is how search engine friendly it is – with a variety of plugins available to make it even better.
  • One thing that is a big negative for other platforms, is the potential development costs for addon functionality. With Woo, there is a huge choice of plugins available at minimal costs, so you aren’t paying a developer to custom code a new feature. With developers from around the world constantly creating new plugins, it is always getting better.
  • Another benefit of its popularity is the sheer number of help videos available on YouTube for anything you want to know how to do.

We have been using WooCommerce for a while now for our new eCommerce sites and everyone here has been blown away by its potential. From the designers being impressed by the amount you can do from a design/technical point of view to the rest of our non-coding team who find it straight forward and simple to use.

You can use one of our beautiful template choices for a lower cost, faster turnaround options or opt for our bespoke package where we design based on your specific needs.

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