It’s the New Year and what better time to start looking at what you should be doing in terms of digital marketing for 2019?

January can be a slow month for many businesses but rather than accept this why not take the time to look into how you can push your business in front of those who still need your services and products? Plumbing doesn’t stop breaking just because it’s January, neither do you stop needing an accountant or a Photographer for those Valentine’s Wedding Days.

Get ahead of the game and your competitors by becoming more visible to those who matter online with digital marketing. With digital marketing, you can boost traffic and sales and turn the January Blues into a thing of the past and propel your business towards a successful 2019.

One option is Search Engine Optimisation. We Google everything, including companies or products we need. Whether it be ‘Electricians in Kent’ or ‘Pet Sitter in Doncaster’ if you’re not being found on Google for the phrases relevant to you, how can you expect customers to call? We offer a free SEO Report to potential and existing clients who want to learn their relevant phrases and how they can boost their ranking position in Google Searches.

Google Ads – or Pay Per Click (PPC) as it is also known – is another great way to guarantee your visibility to those searching in Google. Google Ads offers you instant visibility, has specific targeting abilities and great flexibility with measurable ROI, making it an extremely desirable service for any business. Google Ads offers you complete control of budget and scheduling, which is also a plus for those who want to boost their business at specific times of the month or year. Our certified Google Ads team are extremely experienced in creating and managing successful campaigns and will even do a completely free audit of existing PPC campaigns to measure how we can help your campaign perform better.

If Social Media is more your thing, we have our Facebook Ads service. Social Media is everywhere to the point where some businesses even partly or completely run their company from their Facebook Business Page. Facebook Ads offers you incredibly specific targeting to an audience of your choosing with a range of different objectives depending on what you are trying to achieve. Want more engagement on your posts? There’s an objective for that. Want to drive more traffic to your website? There’s an objective for that. Want to encourage customers to contact you directly on Facebook? You guessed it, there is an objective for that too.

We at SiteWizard are experts in digital marketing and our account managers will be more than happy to discuss your personal business goals in order to understand the type of digital marketing service that will best suit you. Budgets, target audiences and many other factors dictate what will work for some and what will work for others. So, why not give us a call or submit a form on our website for a chat about what you should be doing in terms of digital marketing 2019? We would love to hear from you!